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August 06, 2016


New Zealand's capital since 1865, Wellington is situated on the south-west tip of the North Island. Featuring a magnificent harbour and panoramic views from the surrounding hills, Wellington is a city of contrasts, offering a wide variety of commercial, cultural and recreational activities.

Background: Wellington from Northland. Top right: 'The Beehive'. Bottom from left: Cable car, City and Harbour, Carter Fountain.

In some ways it is similar to Naples, though it is only about one quarter the size. It is built on steep hillsides surrounding a large natural harbour and there is a cable car running up to the top of Mount Victoria. It is also close to a volcanic area. Wellington is a major port as well as a major financial and artistic centre, and has a vibrancy not found in any other New Zealand city.

Wellington at Dusk. This beautiful harbour retains New Zealand's seat of government, and is a major port facility for the lower North Island.

Aerial View showing Paremata, Mana, Plimmerton, Porirua Harbour and in the background, Kapiti Island, North Island, New Zealand.

Postcards received from Kelly - Wellington resident


  1. Wszystkie 3 piękne, ale jednak wygrywa ta wieczorna :) Koresponduję z dziewczyną, która mieszka w Christchurch i również otrzymałam od niej pocztówkę :)

  2. również i dla mnie najpiękniejsza jest pocztówka w wersji wieczornej, niesamowicie wygląda miasto w tej odsłonie, niemal jakby płonęło :)