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30 May 2020


Wisconsin's largest city boasts big attractions such as the Harley-Davidson Museum and MillerCoors Brewery. Must-see neighborhoods include Old World Third Street and the Historic Third Street, Brandy Street and the Historic Third Ward-home to the Milwakee Public Market. Steps from the city, a recreational paradise includes parks, nature centers, bike trails and Lake Michigan shoreline.

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24 May 2020


Each year over one million visitors journey to Land's End, mainland Britain's south-west tip. Come at sunset or in clear weather, when you can spot the offshore lighthouses or maybe even the Isles of Scilly, 28 miles out to sea. Don't worry about the crowds or the insensitivity of a theme park being sited here: you can leave them all behind on a short walk along the cliffs.

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16 May 2020


Smith Rock State Park (one of the 7 Wonders of Oregon) is a top destination to the north, attracting the world's top rock climbers (as well as hikers and mountain bikers) to its sheer, umber-colored cliffs. The beautiful rock formation with climbers far up the sheer rock walls. Look for slackline walkers at 350 foot Monkey Face teetering hundreds of feet in the air. If you enjoy scenic views of deep river canyons or rock climbing, Smith Rock State Park is the place for you.

25 April 2020


Corner Brook, Newfoundland's second largest city, is located on the south side of Humber Arm in scenic Bay of Islands. It was founded as a logging town in the 1860's. The city is hilly and is almost entirely surrounded by the Long Range Mountains, part of the Appalachian chain. The main industry is the paper mill. Just outside town is Marble Mountain, which prides itself as the best downhill ski area east of the Rocky Mountains. The Humber River, one of the most famous salmon fishing rivers in the world, flows right past Corner Brook.

13 April 2020



This judicial capital of RSA and capital of the Orange Free State, sixth largest city in South Africa, lies on the main road, rail and air links between north, south, east and west. Bloemfontein is indeed a city of many moods - the glamorous and glitzy ambience of high tech shopping centres, restaurants and theatres as well as Victorian serenity that dates back to those elegant years when the city's ladies accompanied the Prince of Wales on a stroll through the rose garden. The city is noted for its beautiful parks and gardens. The panorama which can be seen from Naval Hill is that of a typically prosperous modern city.

View of Bloemfontein showing Naval Hill

05 April 2020


Idaho’s capital city is situated in the high desert of southwestern Idaho, right on the Boise River. Boise used to be one of the West's best kept secrets - a mix of beautiful scenery, easily accessible outdoor recreation, abundant culture, and friendly residents. History comes alive in Boise. Here you’ll find it in the streets, in the hills and in the State Capitol — all of which define what makes Boise unique. Get up-close, embrace it, learn, and most importantly, enjoy it! Boise’s vibrant downtown offers arts, culture, entertainment, outdoor recreation, bars and restaurants.

28 March 2020


Kent's epithet is "The Garden of England" for you'll find apple orchards, hop fields and vineyards, as well as oast houses, built as kilns to dry the hops, but now often converted into homes. Kent lies in an area called the Weald, offering pretty villages of timber-framed, pantile-hung buildings. Much of the Kent countryside is designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and incorporates a glorious mix of farmland, ancient woodland and dramatic chalk escarpments. Breathtaking panoramic vistas and enclosed steep valleys create great diversity in the natural landscape.