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June 03, 2016


Pacific islands of extraordinary beauty and fascination. Fragrant blooms of the tropic abound. Fringed by tall palms, white sand beaches remain unspoilt and uncrowded. The tourquoise waters of lagoons sparkle under a warm sun. This is the home of a proud people who still honour and nurture culture rich in age-old traditions and ceremonies. 

Port Vila, the capital city of Vanuatu, projects the image of a very cosmopolitan town with its mixture of European, Vietnamese, Chinese and Melanesian cultures. Alongside the modern two or three-storey buildings, the large colonial houses are reminders of a none too distant past.

Another heritage of those times, the bustling Chinese district, where you can find everything you could imagine "made in Hongkong" at very reasonable prices. Most of the commercial life is in the main street (Kumul Highway), with duty-free shops, coffee shops, restaurants, fashion boutiques, travel agencies, but also the banks and many other establishments.

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