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October 09, 2015


Calgary is the largest city in the province of Alberta which is located in Western Canada. It is nestled in the Foothills of Canada’s Rocky Mountains and has many beautiful parks and rivers. The city is known for its friendly western hospitality and is a culturally diverse and thriving metropolis. The City of Calgary is committed to ensuring Arts and Culture remains an essential element in creating a vibrant, creative and culturally stimulating city, and encourages residents to actively participate in and access the arts around the city.

North Mount Pleasant and Wildflower Arts Centres operate year-round to bring you and your family the best in arts programs, facilities and services. Visit us soon and discover the incredible variety of creative opportunities that await you

North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre has been offering fine arts classes and studio space to Calgarians of all ages and abilities for more than 25 years. Housed in a heritage property built as a school in 1913, North Mount Pleasant ceramics and visual arts programs are varied and will appeal to all levels of personal competency.
Wildflower Arts Centre is situated in the community of Spruce Cliff/Wildwood, in a former school, built in 1957. The City of Calgary transformed the facility and opened the Wildflower Arts Centre in January 1978. Wildflower Arts Centre has offered fine arts, drama and dance classes to Calgarians of all ages and abilities for more than 30 years.

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  1. Sztuka nie jest jednak moją mocną stroną, dlatego ta pocztówka zupełnie nie jest w moim stylu. Jednak Calgary kojarzę :)

  2. Pocztówka również nie jest w moim stylu, ale rozumiem, że wiele osób może ją podziwiać :) Jednak wszystko co związane ze sztuką nie jest dla mnie :)