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February 28, 2015


The choice of beaches in the Cape Peninsula is vast (more than 100 to choose from) but to make it easier each beach is unique, offering something to suit every beachgoer. There are family beaches, beaches for suntanning, snorkelling, boardsailing, surfing, fishing and for swimming! There is also an unofficial beach for nudists at Sandy Bay.

Cape Town's Beaches.  The fun of surf, sand and sun together with magnificent scenery on a picturesque shoreline

  • Sandy Bay - Well-known unofficial nudist beach. The beach is backed by steep sand dunes and bushy mountain slopes. Poorly protected from the south-easter wind, Sandy Bay has no access roads, shops or facilities.
  • St. James - Named after the first church built here, in 1874, this is a charming village, with beautiful holiday houses, residences and a small, sheltered beach and a large tidal pool ideal for toddlers. Characterised by its parade of brightly coloured bathing boxes.
  • Clifton - Four sheltered beaches seperated by enormous granite boulders. Cold for swimming, but noted for bikini-clad sun-bathers. Many houses are built on stilts or on overhanging cliffs. The area between the sea and Victoria Road is a scenic and botanic reserve. Cape Town's most glamorous beach packed in season with consequent parking problems.
Received from Lynne, Cape Town


  1. Piękne plaże / i nie tylko/ mają w RPA :)

  2. Domki na palach - chciałabym kiedyś takie zobaczyć :) Plaże mają szeroką ofertę, pewnie ludzie, którzy tam przybywają wcale nie narzekają, bo każdy znajdzie coś dla siebie.

  3. Szkoda, że nie pokazujesz też znaczków!

    1. Tę pocztówkę otrzymałem od mojej penpalki z RPA w kopercie razem z listem. Więc nie ma przyklejonego znaczka, ani stempla pocztowego.