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November 04, 2014


At the north-west end of False Bay, cradled between the sea and high mountains, this famous seaside resort boasts a magnificent 35-km stretch of beach and a relatively warm surf. 
This sea is shallow, and bathing safe. The beach is distinctive with its rows of Victorian bathing boxes.

Cape Peninsula. A scene of the pavilion at this popular holiday resort.

Places of interest include:
  1. De Post Huys. The original garrison building, one of the oldest surviving structures from settlement days. Built as a lookout post and signal station in 1673.
  2. Rhodes Cottage. The cottage in which Cecil Rhodes died in 1902, maintained as a memorial museum. Contains many of his possessions and photographs.
  3. The Natale Labia Museum contains fine furniture and works of art. 
Received from Lynne, Cape Town


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