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April 17, 2017


San Francisco is one of California's major cities and one of the most beautiful in the world. It lies on over 40 small hills situated around San Francisco Bay. It is made up of 49 square miles of long boulevards, curvy streets, hidden alleyways and lots of hills. The city was founded in 1776 when the Spanish set up a Franciscan mission there. When gold was found in California during the late 1840s thousands of gold miners settled there and San Francisco turned into a bustling town.

The Heart of San Francisco documents a setting that is quintessentially "San Francisco". We can almost hear the clanging of bells as a cable car makes its way ponderously up the street while colorful vehicles dodge to and fro on the congested pavement

The cable car is San Francisco’s most famous symbol. It was designed to go up and down the city’s steep hills. Golden Gate Bridge is one of the largest bridges in the world. It spans the entrance to San Francisco Bay over a total of 2,700 metres. Towers stand on both sides of the bridge San Francisco has a very exciting skyline with old buildings on one side and modern skyscrapers on the other.

Received from Polish blogger Magda
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  1. Pocztówki Kinkade są takie magiczne :)

  2. Mam u siebie jedną kartkę tego artysty z Salt Lake City, ale wysłaną z Polski. Piękna seria :)