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March 11, 2017


Signal Hill in Cape Town is a renowned tourist attraction. The large flat-topped hill located beside Lion's Head and looking out at nearby Table Mountain is a spectacular look-out point standing proudly between Green Point and the City Bowl. The name Signal Hill dates back to when it was an important semaphore post used for communication with distant ships at sea. Signal Hill's main attraction is the battery with the Noon Gun positioned just below the mountain top. Here a cannon-shot is fired every day (except Sun) at 12 o'clock noon on the dot, to uphold an old Capetonian tradition. The hill has been an observation post for shipping since the first European settlement.

Postcrossing Postcard received from Lu-Gerda

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  1. Piękny widok, na taką pocztówkę również bym się skusiła :) Gratuluję!

  2. Niby nie ciągnie mnie do Afryki, ale akurat tę część kontynentu z chęcią bym zobaczyła. Najlepiej z góry właśnie, bo widoki ze szczytów muszą być obłędne :) Pocztówka jest genialna. Idealna po prostu. Chętnie bym taką przygarnęła :)