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25 March 2017


Greetings from Ireland!

Dublin is located on the East Coast of Ireland, stretching along the Irish Sea in a half moon shape. The city is bordered to the South by the dramatic Wicklow Mountains. The language spoken in Dublin is English. Street signs and official buildings are signposted in both English and Gaelic, the indigenous Irish language. 

Dublin City, colourful, vibrant, exciting. The living capital city of Ireland.

Dublin's elegant Georgian architecture makes it one of Europe's most attractive capitals. Dublin is a relatively small and accessible city, small enough and safe enough to get around on foot. It has history, charm, sights, museums, galleries, theatres, shops, pubs, restaurants and an abundance of character. Dublin is a thriving cultural centre and boasts a great literary legacy with many luminaries of Irish literature such as Joyce, Shaw, Yeats, Wilde, Kavanagh and Beckett, being associated with the city.Famous for its easy going charm and cultural heritage, Dublin is also the capital of The Craic (pronounce 'crack'), the art of life.

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11 March 2017


Signal Hill in Cape Town is a renowned tourist attraction. The large flat-topped hill located beside Lion's Head and looking out at nearby Table Mountain is a spectacular look-out point standing proudly between Green Point and the City Bowl. The name Signal Hill dates back to when it was an important semaphore post used for communication with distant ships at sea. Signal Hill's main attraction is the battery with the Noon Gun positioned just below the mountain top. Here a cannon-shot is fired every day (except Sun) at 12 o'clock noon on the dot, to uphold an old Capetonian tradition. The hill has been an observation post for shipping since the first European settlement.

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