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September 11, 2016


  • The Borough of Seaside Park, located on the Barnegat Barrier Island in Ocean County, New Jersey, was incorporated in 1898. Seaside Park is a small town of only 0.77 square miles with a year-round population of just over 2,200 residents. With almost two miles of shoreline on the Atlantic Ocean, the borough’s main industry is summer tourism.
  • THE STATE HOUSE is located in New Jersey's capital city, Trenton, situated on a bank of the Delaware River. This gilt-domed building, constructed in 1889, houses the state's executive and legislative branches of government.
Sunset at Seaside Park. The State House, Trenton. Autumn waterfall, Morris County. Aerial view of Newark. Clinton Historical Museum, Hunterdon County
  • Newark, New Jersey's largest city, is the leading industrial and financial center in the State. Containing a major maritime port, Newark is one of the great sea, truck, rail and air transportation hubs of the nation.
  • The Town of Clinton is located in central Hunterdon County, in northwest New Jersey. The landmark 10-acre Red Mill Museum Village is home to the Hunterdon Historical Museum, which has a collection of more than 40,000 historic artifacts. You’ll also find a replica of a log cabin, an old schoolhouse and the Mulligan quarry buildings on its grounds. In October, the Haunted Mill is an especially popular Halloween scare fest.
  • Morris County is located about 40 km west of New York City and was named after Colonel Lewis Morris, governor of New Jersey. The county is part of the New York Metropolitan Area, and its county seat is Morristown.
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  1. New Jersey przedstawione w wielu odsłonach. Posiadam pocztówkę z tego stanu, ale tylko w morskim klimacie. Newark i Trenton przewijają się przez książki jednego z moich ulubionych pisarzy kryminałów Harlana Cobena ;)

    1. A to ciekawe - tak stosunkowo niewielkie miasto jak Trenton jako miejsce akcji kryminału:)