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June 06, 2015


Peyto Lake is located in Banff National Park near Bow Summit approximately 38Km north of Lake Louise on the Icefields Parkway. It is one of the treasures in the Canadian Rockies. Peyto Lake gets its beautiful turquoise green color from glacial silt created by the Peyto Glacier and the Wapta Icefield. The 2.8 km length and elevation lake of 1860 m, make this turquoise diamond shape lake perfectly shine in The Canadian Rockies. The best view of Peyto Lake is at look out Bow Summit. This scenic view is about half hour of Lake Louise. It is an unforgettable picture of the summit with a view of this glacier lake on a majestic blue sky. Peyto Lake was name after Bill Peyto who was a historical trapper and trail guide in the late 1800's and early 1900's, in the Banff area.

The amazing blue of Peyto Lake

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  1. Co tu dużo mówić - są góry, nazwa, piękne jezioro i w ogóle wszystko na tej pocztówce jest ładne, więc oczywiście mi się podoba :)