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March 18, 2015


This cathedral town and port is in a hollow among hills at the head of the Newry River estuary. The town is intersected by canals built in the early eighteenth century, now disused for commerce but stocked with fish and they are a venue for international angling contests.
The distinguished history of Newry has resulted in a fine array of both civic and religious buildings. Known as the Gateway to the North, the area has a history of continuous settlement dating back to 4000BC and enjoys wonderful architecture, including beautiful Georgian houses, a cathedral that dates back to the 1830s and a unique town hall built over the Clanyre River. The Town Hall (half in County Down, half in County Armagh) actually spans  the Clanrye River. Evidence of the town's mercantile past can be noted in the names of the streets. The Catholic Cathedral in Hill Street has some good stained-glass windows.


  1. Lubię irlandzkie pocztówki :)

  2. Mam sporo irlandzkich pocztówek ale nie z Irlandii Płn.

  3. Mam sporo irlandzkich kartek w ulubionych, niektóre są naprawdę piękne.
    Sama mam tylko jedną kartkę z Irlandii, która pochodzi z wymiany.