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March 26, 2015


One of the greatest natural wonders of the world...
The summit of Cape Town's world-famous landmark is 1 086m above sea level and is a national monument. The mountain is covered with a wide variety of wild flowers and is the natural home of the famous silver tree. Table Mountain is floodlit periodically throughout the year. The mountain also offers a number of hikes and walks of varying degrees of difficulty from an easy stroll to rock climbing. Maclears Beacon - the Highest point on Table Mountain is 1087 metres above sea level.

 The plateau of this massive that stands more than a thousand metres above Cape Town and suburbs provides excellent views of the picturesque Cape Peninsula.

This familiar landmark may be explored either on foot or by cable car. The Cableway was officially opened on the 4th of October 1929. The lower station is 366 metres above sea level and situated on Tafelberg Road. The distance separating the upper and lower stations is covered in one span of cable measuring 1244 metres. The upper stations is 1067 metres above sea level. The latest cabins carry 25 people and travel at 17km/h. The actual trip takes 5 minutes.

Received from Lynne, Cape Town


  1. Takie piękne widoki, że nic tylko jechać :) Szkoda, że tak daleko. Ale miło chociaż popatrzeć.

  2. Lubię górskie widoki zarówno na pocztówkach, jak i w rzeczywistości, więc chętnie oglądam kartki prezentujące takie widoki. Żałuję tylko, że nie miałam okazji być jeszcze w Bieszczadach, ani nie widziałam gór w scenerii zimowej...