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November 22, 2014


Streaky Bay is a picturesque coastal town and the hub of the rural and fishing community. It is situated on Flinders Highway on the west coast of Eyre Peninsula, in South Australia and, with 366.15 kilometres of the most spectacular coastline on the Great Australian Bight.
The small town of Streaky Bay proclaimed in 1872 is 727 kilometres north-west of Adelaide on the western coastline of Eyre Peninsula. The town is on a stretch of fascinating coastline changing between long pristine sandy beaches and rugged cliffs.
Streaky Bay was originally named Flinders, but in 1940, after continued local usage, the name of the town was offcially changed to Streaky Bay.
Streaky Bay and districts offers three breathtaking scenic drives on the Great Australian Bight: Westall Way Loop; Cape Bauer Loop and, the Point Labatt Conservation Park/Murphy’s Haystacks Scenic Drives.


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