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November 29, 2014


The American spirit has long felt at home in Chicago. Steeped in the motto, “I Will,” Chicago reaffirms America as a land of endless possibilities in ways most cities can only imagine. It’s a city that reversed the flow of a river. Gave birth to the electric blues. And rebuilt itself toward the heavens after a devastating fire — inventing the skyscraper along the way.
John Hancock Center 

Today, Chicago greets you with a sweeping skyline punctuated by the tallest building in America. A bold first impression to a world-class city rich with unexpected surprises. Chicago is well known for its architecture and tall buildings. The 100-story John Hancock Center is a self-contained world of apartments, restaurants and shops. The 94th floor observatory offers a breathtaking view of Chicago's spectacular lakefront and the city spread along the shores of Lake Michigan.
Wringley Field 

Baseball is a popular American sport. Chicago has two professional baseball teams. The Chicago Cubs play at Wringley Field. Built in 1914, Wringley Field is the second oldest major league ballpark in the country. The stadium first welcomed the Chicago Cubs in 1916 and the two have been synonymous ever since. Wringley Field is the nation's most picturesque ballpark with its ivy-covered brick outfield walls and the manually operated scoreboard.


  1. Baseball to rzeczywiście popularny sport, ale ilekroć oglądam amerykańskie filmy z tą grą, to muszę się przyznać, nie mogę 'załapać' o co tam chodzi :(

    1. Dlatego jest to amerykański sport, a nie europejski :)

    2. Krystyno, nie martw się, mam to samo - mój młodszy brat próbował mi to kiedyś tłumaczyć, ale wydawało mi się to bez sensu...
      Mnie Chicago zawsze będzie kojarzyć się z Polakami! Ostatnio na WOSie powiedziano nam, że miastem z największą liczbą Polaków jest Warszawa, a drugim... Chicago. :D

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