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October 11, 2014


With its impressive monuments and museums, its stately government buildings and mansions, Washington D.C. is easily recognizable as the United State's capital city. The city is mainly based on government and everything from museums to mansions bring millions of tourists each year. Washington D.C. is the second most visited city in the United States (after New York) and is among the top travel destinations in the world.

Points of interest in Washington D.C.

Washington, D.C. has dozens of world-class museums and galleries to visit, and many of them are free. The permanent collections of the Smithsonian Museums are second to none, and the temporary exhibits there and elsewhere around Washington bring in spectacular art and artifacts.Many of the architectural landmarks in Washington, D.C. commemorate important chapters in American history. Monuments and memorials like the breathtaking Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials, the unprecedented Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and the inspiring Marine Corps War Memorial. Washington D.C. on the web - check out:

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