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October 21, 2014


A World of Difference

Off in the northwest Atlantic Ocean, Newfoundland is both geographically and culturally a place between the Old and New Worlds. Here you'll find a fantastic natural environment. More than a dozen species of whales, millions of nesting seabirds and the wild ocean itself beckon. On land are scores of parks, the world's largest caribou herd and friendly, open people who speak a dialect that not's quite Devon, not quite Cork, but definitely familiar.
Original art by Jim Lemieux

Come on over and discover North America's natural adventures destination.
Read more:  Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

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  1. To już daleka północ, musi być tam zimno :(
    Ja byłam w Quebec'u i ten ziąb już był odczuwalny.

  2. Taka edukacyjna pocztówka. :) Co mówi ten renifer/łoś, bo nie mogę przeczytać :D?

    1. Jest to łoś amerykański "I moose you too!"