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September 23, 2014


One great City!

Winnipeg - Manitoba capital city - is a place you will find hard to leave and impossible to forget. Foundly recognised as the "emerald of the prairies", Winnipeg boasts the largest mature urban elm forest in North America.
Multi-dimensional. Multi-charactered. Multi-cultural. Winnipeg has all of the features that make it the ideal urban holiday spot. This grand prairie city hums with the ecstatic rhythm of many nations and cultures. Winnipeg is a multi-ethnic city, and proud of it. Its ethnic fabric consists of Slavic, French, German, Native, Oriental, East Indian and Mediterranean traditions. And nowhere is this more evident that in the food the city offers.

The wonderful cluster of high rise buildings at Portage and Main in downtown Winnipeg.

Winnipeg's diverse background is also reflected in its museums: The Museum of Man and Nature, a children's museum, a French-Canadian museum, a Ukrainian museum, an aviation museum and many others.
For over 6,000 years people have come here to meet, trade, live and explore. Discover the spirit of these early explorers at The Forks (the birthplace of the city). Located at the junction of two great rivers, in the heart of downtown Winnipeg. Today, it is a place where recreactional, cultural, commercial and historic activities again bring people together.Explore St. Boniface - Winnipeg's French quarter, an historic and cultural corner-stone of the city and home to Canada's largest Francophone community west of Quebec.

The Royal Canadian Mint

The Winnipeg branch of the Royal Canadian Mint officially opened in 1976, as part of the decentralizing initiative of the Trudeau government, replacing the Ottawa branch (1908) as the facility where the entire supply of circulation coins would be produced. The Winnipeg branch also produces coinage for several foreign countries. The Ottawa branch, able to strike coins in gold as well as silver, continues to strike collector coins.

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  1. Ja właśnie takie miasta, w którym widać ich wielokulturowość, lubię najbardziej. :) Muzeum Ukraińskie w Kanadzie? A to ciekawe!

    1. W Winnipeg ludność pochodzenia ukraińskiego stanowi ponad 15%, więc muzeum ukraińskie nie jest niczym niezwykłym :)

    2. Skąd tam tylu Ukraińców? Akurat w tym miejscu!

    3. Przyjechali "za chlebem" jeszcze w końcu XIX w. Krajobraz i klimat przypominał im rodzinne strony, dlatego wybrali właśnie ten rejon Kanady;)