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September 09, 2014


Canada's largest province has fjords, mountains, sea-lashed cliffs, wildlife, and adventure - all within easy reach of cosmopolitan Montreal and charming Old Quebec City, the provincial capital. The vibrant cities blend the best of Europe with the best of North America - easy going hospitality, fabulous cuisine, elegant hotels, cosy inns, nightlife with flair, unique museums and lively festivals of international theatre, comedy, film, fireworks and music.

Quebec and its regions - its motto "I remember"

From the silken sands and blood-red cliffs of the Magdalen Islands,  to the wind-blown Arctic tundra of the Far North, to the flaming maple countryside and French-style manor houses of the Charlevoix region and the festive streets of Montreal, Quebec is a land of dazzling variety.
From whale watching to maple-sugar tasting, sand castle building to museum hopping, Canada's "Belle Province" has something for every fancy. 
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  1. Quebec to najbardziej „europejskie” miasto na kontynencie amerykańskim o typowo europejskiej zabudowie, przypomina nastrojem francuskie miasta. A wiatry są tam rzeczywiście dokuczliwe.

    1. Po prostu kawałek Francji przeniesiony do Ameryki.

  2. Uwielbiam pocztówki z mapkami, ale Quebec to chyba nie dla mnie, za zimno!