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September 02, 2014


Charlotte location gives you the best of both worlds. The beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains are two hours to the west and the Atlantic beaches are three-and-a-half hours to the east.
Charlotte is one of America's fastest growing metro regions with 430,430 people in the city limits and 1,230,805 in the metro area.
Wonderful museums, beautiful parks,a variety of attractions and great amusement all combined with high percentage of cheerful, sunlit  days make Charlotte the perfect place for a big-city getaway.

Charlotte, North Carolina was named in honour of Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III and referred to as  the Queen City. Charlotte is a city with abundance of parks, shopping, sports and entertainment.

About 250 years ago Scotch/Irish settlers were following a pair of old Catawba Indian trading routes. Where the paths crossed, the settlers stopped and that's where Charlotte began.
Charlotte's climate is moderate, sunny, pleasant and produces four distinct seasons, each with its own particular wonders.

Received from Caroline


  1. Typowe amerykańskie miasto z drapaczami chmur ;) Ale mnie to zachwyca :)
    U nas chyba Łódź jest tak w miarę dobrze usytuowana, w centralnej części kraju. Tyle samo do morza, tyle samo w góry ;) Tak mniej więcej xd

    1. Naprawdę chciałabyś mieszkać w takim drapaczu chmur i może jeszcze na ostatnim piętrze :)

  2. queen city. I wanna go there