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August 19, 2014


Gold was the catalyst which brought Johannesburg into being and the city's identity will always be closely linked with gold. 
Today, Johannesburg is a city contrasts. In the heart of the city, the mine dumps and headgear, ideally viewed from the top of the Carlton Centre, one of the highest buildings in the city, still serve as symbols of Johannesburg's boisterous past. The 202 m high observation deck on the 50th floor of the Carlton Centre provides breathtaking views.

Evening view of the 269 M Srtijdom Tower and of Hillbrow, the most cosmopolitan, bustling and populated square kilometre in South Africa. Hillbrow is famous for its multi-racial society where everyone enjoys themselves at the many restaurants, discos and night life goes on to the early hours of the morning.    

 Johannesburg glass and concrete skyline symbolises the country's escalating industrial and urban thrust. Golf courses, botanic gardens and parks are dotted among the high-rise buildings.
The modern, cosmopolitan metropolis of Johannesburg, packed with vitality and verve, offers an exciting pleasure repertoire, superb hotels, five star restaurants and excellent shopping centre.
The Johannesburg Stock Exchange, the only one in the country, is filled with the tumult of financial negotiations.


  1. Przepiękna kartka! Uwielbiam oglądać miasta z takich punktów widokowych, więc pewnie jakoś dostałabym się na to 50. piętro ;)

    1. Jest winda, więc bez problemu dostałabyś się tam :)

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