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August 19, 2017


The transcontinental Interstate 80 (I-80) is designated across northern Pennsylvania as the Keystone Shortway, a non-tolled freeway that crosses rural north-central portions of the state on the way to New Jersey and New York City. In Pennsylvania, Interstate 80 is also known as the “Z.H. Confair Memorial Highway.” On Sept. 17, 1970, the Pennsylvania section of I-80 was completed. Motorists had the ability to travel uninterrupted through the Commonwealth from Delaware Water Gap in Monroe County to Sharon in Mercer County. For over four decades, many have traveled the “Keystone Shortcut” to reach their destinations and get quickly from point to point, proving that the Pennsylvania section of I-80 continues to be an important artery in the U.S. highway system.

The KEYSTONE SHORTWAY , Interstate 80, between Sharon and Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, 313 miles, 53 interchanges and 486 bridges, gives good access to many of the state parks and recreational areas as well as the shortest route across the state.

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